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The Power of Camp


Many of you who follow Twin Pines on Facebook may have seen the pictures we have posted from the Christian Camping and Conference Association’s #thepowerofcamp campaign which helps camps like Twin Pines promote the need for summer camp experiences for kids today. 

For 50 years Twin Pines has been promoting the Power of Camp because we have seen firsthand how God uses camp to move in the lives of people. 

Several years ago at the Evangelical Congregational National Conference I asked for a show of hands of how many people accepted Christ at camp,

and I then asked for a show of hands of how many had an experience at camp that led them into ministry. With those two questions nearly 75% of the ministers and lay leaders there raised their hands, and some of them could have raised their hands for both questions! That is the POWER OF CAMP!

Almost every weekend of the fall, winter, and summer we have people on a retreat at Twin Pines.  Many of these people have a significant experience at camp. They accept Christ into their lives, they work on fractured relationships, they see that God has a plan for them, or they have an opportunity to rest. All of these things are powerful in our lives and a result of the POWER OF CAMP!

Summer camp is a really great time to be at Twin Pines. You swim and play crazy games, you make friends, you hear God’s Word in new ways, and many kids get excited about the Word and sharing it with friends.  There are relationships built that last a lifetime, memories that are etched on hearts and minds forever, and campers go home knowing someone cares about them!  That is the POWER OF CAMP! 

Perhaps this spring you need to get away on a retreat to feel some of that POWER or perhaps you have kids or know kids who need to hear the Word of God.  If so, use the POWER OF CAMP!  Go on a retreat, send kids to camp, it just might change a life forever!

Send your stories of how camp changed your life to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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