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Twin Pines is located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. This 205-acre facility is the continuation of a camping program which began in the early 1920's in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Waldheim Park, located next to South Mountain in Lehigh County, was the site of the early camping experiences in the E.C. Church. Waldheim Park continues to operate today as a camp meeting facility. Due to a need to get away from the growing metropolitan area and a desire to expand both the summer camp programs and begin a retreat ministry, the original Twin Pines property consisting of 140 acres was purchased in January of 1964.

This property has a long heritage having begun as a farm before the turn of the 20th century. One of our buildings still proudly displays a datestone of 1890. Twin Pines evolved into a small Pocono resort in the early 1940's known as Twin Pines Dude Ranch. The building that is now the Brownback Center once stabled 40 horses. The former dance hall is now a comfortable housing unit and the former bar is a delightful lounge/meeting room. Click here for some historical photos from the early days of Twin Pines Ranch and Twin Pines Camp.

In 1973, a major development program brought many changes to the Twin Pines property. Three lodges were winterized for year-round use, new recreation facilities were added, a township road was moved from the middle of the property, and five new buildings were added to the facility. At the same time, the full-time staff was doubled with the addition of the first full time Executive Director.

In 1982, an additional 65 acres of land was added to the Twin Pines facility with the purchase of a farm located on the western edge of the original property bringing the property total to 205 acres. Also, in the 1980's, a number of the existing buildings were renovated, a water treatment system was installed, and facilities were provided for a tent camping program (the first use of the newly added 65 acres). In the mid to late 80's, the camp office was computerized, the camp offices were renovated, and a new nine-room lodge (Hemlock) replaced a "turn of the century" carriage shed-turned housing unit.

In the early 90's, the new Hemlock Lodge provided space for the Sweigert Memorial Nature Center and a new gift shop. In 1995, fund raising began for our most ambitious single-building project which would be known as Aspen Lodge. Planning and permitting for Aspen Lodge took six years. During this same time, renovations to the Dining Room were completed, and another guest room was added to the Blue Spruce Lodge. Aspen Lodge was completed and used for the first time in September of 2005.

During the 80's and 90's, while the facilities were expanding and the year-'round ministry was increasing, three more full-time staff were added. Today five full-time staff, ten to twelve part-time staff, and thirty seasonal staff are committed to maintaining the excellence of this ministry. In addition to this staff, numerous volunteers assist the Twin Pines' ministry throughout the year contributing hundreds of hours of time and expertise. Our prayer partners are committed to praying regularly for all of the activities and personnel surrounding the ministries of Twin Pines.

Twin Pines is truly a special place made special by the special people who serve the Lord through this ministry!!!


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