Top 10 reasons kids should NOT go to camp.

I was thinking about why people send their kids to camp and came up with some reasons NOT to.  Do I have your attention?  Read on!

  1.  Camp teaches kids independence.  Why would we want kids to learn life-long coping strategies that will help them adapt and learn to deal with new situations?  Don’t we want our kids to live with us and depend on us forever?
  2. Camp is FUN.  Fun is overrated.  After all, if it’s fun, they may want to do it again!
  3. You make friends at camp.  Who needs friends?  Wandering through life with no one sounds better than having a support system!
  4. You find people to look up to.  Another human interaction thing.  Overrated!  Who cares if the staff are college students who serve God and make good role models? 
  5. Kids spend time outdoors.  Outdoors?  Really?  Isn’t that where all the dirt and bugs and yucky stuff is?
  6. Camp is active.  It’s summer time! Kids are active all school year.  Let them veg out! 
  7. You sing songs at camp.  Camp songs are the worst!  Most of the time they are repetitive, fun, and some even have a message.
  8. You learn things at camp.  Kids learn everything they need to know at school, right?
  9. You will play Gau Gau.  It just sounds bad, like someone has a hairball.
  10. Camp changes lives.  Change is unnecessary, why change when you can stay the same?


All of these things and more happen at summer camp at Twin Pines.  Come to camp this year and make a top ten list of GREAT things that you experience!

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