ARVEL H. SWEIGERT (1918-1988)
It has been said of greatness that it is not wealth, nor success, by whatever standard of measure, that determines the greatness of a man. A truly great man is one who leaves a legacy of people whose lives he has touched and somehow changed because of his contact.

Arvel H. Sweigert (better known as "Boob"), was born May 20, 1918 in Cressona, Pennsylvania. A United States Navy veteran of World War II, he was employed by the Reading Railroad as an engineer for 35 years until his retirement in 1978.

For more than 25 years he served in various leadership positions with the Boy Scouts of America. Twin Pines was privileged to share in his life for more than 20 years. A self-taught naturalist, his life impacted thousands of lives. He encouraged us all to "take a closer look" at God's fantastic creation.

A Walk with Boob by Arvel Sweigert

When you walk thru the woods, I want you to see:
The floating gold of a bumble bee;
Rivers of sunlight, pools of shade;
Toadstools sleeping in mossy jade;
Treetop cones against the blue,
Dancing flowers, bright green flies,
And birds to put rainbows in your eyes.

When you walk thru the woods, I want you to hear:
A million sounds in your little ear;
The scratch and rattle of wind tossed trees;
And the rush as a timid chipmunk flees;
The cry of a hawk from the distant sky;
The purr of the leaves as the breeze rolls by;
Brooks that mumble, stones that ring,
And birds to teach your heart to sing!

When you walk thru the woods, I want you to feel:
That no mere man could make this real;
Could paint the throb of a butterfly's wing;
Could teach the Wood Thrush how to sing;
Could give the wonders of earth and sky.
There's something bigger than you and I.
When you walk thru the woods, and the birches nod,
There, meet a friend of mine, named God!

The Arvel H. Sweigert Memorial Nature Resource Center is a fitting tribute to a true servant of God!!!

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